Linksys Certificate Authority Service for VoIP Adaptors

Welcome to Voxilla’s Certificate Authority Service for Linksys Analog VoIP Adaptor users.

This FREE service generates a SRTP (Secure Real Time Transport) certificate for a Linksys analog telephone adaptor (ATA) and enables encrypted VoIP calls with another party who also has a certificate from Voxilla.

Encrypted calls can be made with direct connection or providers that support peer to peer connection like Free World Dialup and IPTel. Voxilla’s SRTP certificate will not encrypt calls made to the PSTN system, or to VoIP services such as Vonage or VoicePulse. To make a secure call after Voxilla’s SRTP certificate is installed, dial “*18” followed by the phone number. If you hear three unique tones after dialing, your connection is secure.

You can only utilize this service if:

  • You have a Linksys analog telephone adapter. The device must have version 2.0 or higher of firmware loaded (most models support SRTP in their initial firmware releases). If necessary, download Linksys firmware from Linksys’ website and refer to our upgrade instructions;
  • If you can access the web interface of the device from your current location;
  • Your device is unlocked, i.e. not tied to a service provider;
  • Your browser supports HTTPS.

This form will:

  • Collect some basic information to generate your certificate;
  • Generate a button containing a URL that will install the certificate directly to your device.

Important note: Do not use the mini-cert tool with Linksys/Sipura IP desk phones (SPAxxx), as it may cause the phone to become unstable. Should the phone become unstable after installing the mini-cert, users must perform a factory reset to recover the unit. Linksys is working on a remedy to the aforementioned issue and will provide an update / resolution as soon as possible.

(Key in “****” followed by “110#” on a phone attached to your device to determine IP address.)

(For use with Free World Dialup, for example, your “Display Name” is entered here.)

(Same ID used to authenticate with your SIP provider. With Free World Dialup, for example, your phone number is entered.)

(A separate certificate must be installed for each phone line on your device)