Linksys SPA1000 (Sipura SPA-1000) Configuration Wizard

This FREE service allows you to easily configure a Sipura/Linksys SPA
series adaptor for a number of different services with known good
configurations. It will work under the following circumstances:

  • You have a Sipura/Linksys SPA-1000, for other Linksys devices, choose another Device Configuration Wizard;
  • You must have admin-level access to the web interface of the SPA from your current location;
  • The port you wish to configure is unlocked, i.e. not tied to a service
    provider (if you are asked for a password to configure a port, and your
    provider has not furnished you with the password, the port will be
    “locked” and you will be unable to configure it with this wizard);
  • A completely unlocked device must be used for any of the settings
    that require STUN or if you attempt to change the timezone (i.e. Line
    1 cannot be locked by a provider);
  • Your browser supports HTTPS;
  • Your browser allows requested pop-up windows from Voxilla (temporarily disable your pop-up blocker).
  • While not required, we recommend setting the device to factory
    prior to using the Wizard.
  • You will need an account with SIP userid and password on one of the providers listed in Step 2.