Five Reasons VoIP Services Are Here to Stay

VoIP services allow for companies, residences and mobile users to make calls over the internet. Each day these services grow in popularity and push out older means of telecommunications. Landline services have become a thing of the past. Those providers cannot match the … [Read More...]

Mobex is the Complete Business Solution

For small businesses and ones that are in the midst of growing, it is important for them to not miss on their telecommunication needs. Mobex gives small businesses the tools they need to operate as a large business. Their products and services are highly customizable to … [Read More...]

OBi110 Now Available at $42, Lowest Price Ever for Powerful VoIP Adaptor

If you've been considering a purchase of Obihai Technology's OBi110, now is a good time to buy. The popular VoIP device, which gives users the ability to make and receive free calls over the Google Voice service with any telephone handset, is now available on Amazon … [Read More...]

NetTALK and MagicJack

Liar, Liar, VoIP on Fire: At Industry’s Low-End, Highbrow Boasts Ring Hollow

In the fierce fight for cheap VoIP supremacy, hyperbole reigns supreme. In one corner sits MagicJack, whose decidedly unpolished commercials have run rampant through late night television and who issues press releases describing itself as "a cloud communications … [Read More...]

Obihai OBi202

OBi202 VoIP Adaptor Now on Amazon, Wait Well Worth It

Obihai Technology has been featuring the OBi202 on the front page of the company's main web site for several months. Now, the device, which represents a huge step up from the company's wildly popular OBi100 and OBi110 VoIP adaptors, is finally available on Amazon for … [Read More...]

CloudTC Glass 1000

CloudTC Releases Big Improvements to its Business Android IP Desktop Telephone

CloudTC has released a substantial firmware upgrade to its Glass 1000 Android-based IP desktop phone that significantly improves on the award-winning device in many key ways. The phone, which retails for $599 (available for $499 at VoIPSupply), now operates on … [Read More...]

Obihai Technology

Company Spotlight: Obihai Technology Reinventing VoIP a Third Time

If your home or office phone system has any analog telephone adaptor (ATA) or one of several Cisco-branded IP telephones, you are using products originally engineered and developed by the team at Obihai Technology. In fact, while running Komodo Technology in the 1990s, … [Read More...]

Act Fast: OBi110 VoIP Adaptor Featured as Amazon Lightning Deal Tuesday

If you've been waiting to purchase Obihai Technology's OBi110 at a lower price, keep your eye on Amazon on Tuesday, Feb. 21. The powerful VoIP adaptor normally sells for $49.99, but is expected to be well-discounted when Amazon features it as a Lightning Deal … [Read More...]

Audiocodes Fax ATA MP-202B HTTPSFAX

AudioCodes Fax-Capable VoIP Adaptor Now Available Through VoIPSupply

If you've kept an analog telephone line in your office just for the purpose of sending and receiving faxes, you may finally be able to cut that line. VoIP equipment manufacturer Audiocodes has released the Fax ATA MP-202B HTTPSFAX, a fax-enabled version of its … [Read More...]

Digium D70 IP Phone

Digium to Release Its Own Brand of Asterisk-Friendly VoIP Phones

Digium, Inc., has announced a trio of IP phones designed to interface directly with the company's highly successful Asterisk open-source PBX and its graphical Switchvox PBX front-end. The phones, each capable of high-quality "HD voice" using the G.722 wideband … [Read More...]

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