VoIP Fax

Owners of small businesses will find themselves having many uses for fax machines. The problem is that fax machines are now obsolete technology, which means that they will run into problems getting them to work consistently, this can lead to a lot of frustration.

The good news is that the Internet provides small business owners with an alternative. It is now possible for them to use their fax machines via the Internet by employing VoIP technology, just like with all of their other phone-based equipment.

There is no need for an old-fashioned fax machine when using a VoIP system. Users have numerous options for sending and receiving their faxes, including by using email and via mobile phones. They still have the option to use a fax machine if they want to, it is just not essential. Business owners who want to free up room in their office by getting rid of their old fax machine, are now able to do so by implementing VoIP technology.

Business owners who are interested in affordable VoIP faxing should consider the following services offered with VoIP plans:

  • Free trial
  • Encrypted fax messages to ensure that the information is kept secure
  • The ability to receive fax alerts
  • Unlimited inbound faxes
  • Fax to email service
  • SMS anywhere in the world
  • VoIP Fax: How it Works

    Affordable VoIP fax systems use the Internet in much of the same way that old fax systems used a line and a fax number. There is not a lot that is different about the way that the data is sent; in fact, the only major difference is that VoIP is digital. The older phone system is based on a public switched telephone network (PSTN) and is an analog system. VoIP sends users’ data in a binary format, while PSTN sends data in the form of electronic pulses.

    Binary winds up being much less expensive since the users’ data can be sent between two distant locations without the need for it to stop anywhere in between. When it is sent via an analog system, the data must stop at numerous intermediate points with each of those stops adding to the cost of the fax. This is why VoIP faxing is so much less expensive; VoIP fax providers do not have to pay as much for overhead.

    Sending and Receiving with VoIP Fax

    Users can simply scan their paper documents and store them on a computer, or they can opt to use a regular fax machine. If they use a computer, they can store their messages in the format they prefer and fax them with the software that they prefer using. VoIP fax even allows them to sign their messages electronically.

    Ways for VoIP Faxing to Save Users Money

    Since the entire process of VoIP faxing occurs completely online, none of the costs associated with the operation of a fax machine are incurred. This means that users can stop paying for paper, ink and maintenance. The less expensive VoIP fax plans such as the service that Nextiva offers start out at roughly $5 per month. These plans usually come with a certain number of faxes free as a part of the plan, about 500 in most cases; and users can upgrade to another plan if they need to send more than that. Business owners should compare that cost to that of a fax machine where they would spend from $60 to $400 a month at least.

    Another factor that should be considered is the cost of paper. Users would pay roughly $10 for 500 sheets; this means that they save money with VoIP faxes just by eliminating what they spend on paper alone.

    Fax machine ink is another area where a business can see a lot of savings. A single cartridge sells for about $30 and many models must have three ink cartridges installed for them to work.

    Getting a broken fax machine repaired can start at about $50 and go up to $90 or more so that it is often less expensive to replace the machine.

    Obviously, a business can reduce its expenses by switching to an affordable VoIP fax provider. Businesses should save money by upgrading their office equipment today with a VoIP fax system.