The Un-Skype

Mac users are like cats - famously contrarian about following the herd. And with the herds rushing to Skype, your typical Mac user will start heading off into some other direction. London-based Woize (pronounced woy-zee) is targeting this herd of cats with its SIP-based, peer-to-peer VoIP client for Mac OSX, announced yesterday. The company says that the beta version of the software will be released sometime before the end of the year. The features are pretty comparable to Skype. Calls … [Read more...]

Sprint’s Little Secret

Sprint Nextel has a secret. You can use Sprint’s high speed wireless data service to make VoIP calls at a fraction of the cost of traditional cell phone calls. But the company isn’t going out of its way to tell you about it. PeerMe hopes to change that with its new, free service that lets subscribers to Sprint’s mobile broadband make unlimited free VoIP calls between PeerMe users. And PeerMe isn’t the only player promoting the cellphone as the center of the VoIP universe. This week … [Read more...]