CommBytes 9/19/07

Free World Dialup wants FaceBook users to try its new voicemail via FaceBook. FWD President Dan Berninger tells more about it.  Ottowa-based Pika technologies launched its Asterisk-PBX-in-a-box appliance this week, joining Fonality and SwitchVox in this market. The device will be shown at AstriCon next week and start shipping in January 2008.  Communigate launched new version of its unified communications client interface, Pronto! Version 1.2 delivers new call control and … [Read more...]

CommBytes 9/6/07

How do you make sure your website works on mobile phones? One solution is the dotMobi's consortium's free test suite. Today the group released an upgrade to the tool that, among other things, provides additional mobile phone emulators and better reporting.  German IP phone manufacturer snom hopes to incent developers to build applications for snom 3xx phones with its “eXtreMeLy snomlified!” contest. First place winners get a snom 370 phone and an invitation to either Fall … [Read more...]

Covad Goes the Last Mile

When you're the only national DSL network in the U.S. what do you do for your next act? You "disintermediate" the copper wire. In plain English, you take it out of the equation. And the way you take it out is with fixed WiMax technology. That's the idea right now at Covad, according to Director of Marketing Simon McIver. The SMB market is ripe for a new connection, according to McIver. Small and mid-size businesses are "waking up" to the fact that consumer broadband services don't cut it for … [Read more...]

Daily CommBytes 5/25/07

Less than an inch thick and weighing in at a hair over two pounds, the Intel Mobile Metro is designed for communications with built-in WiFi, WiMax, EV-DO and noise canceling microphones for VoIP. The bad news: It's not going to be available for quite a while. Gearlog has the details. What's WRIX? No it's not a radio station. It stands for Wireless Roaming Intermediary Exchange, which is a new standard developed by the Wireless Broadband Alliance to simplify roaming between WiFi networks. … [Read more...]