Voice Gets Embedded

Since the dawn of VoIP, evangelists have been telling us that it's not the cheap phone calls that make VoIP so compelling, it's the opportunity to do so much more with voice communications.  But let's face it, beyond sending voicemail to email, VoIP still doesn't do much more than make phone calls. Voice communications are still pretty standalone for the vast majority of us. However, developers are starting to take note of voice as an IT "service."  This year's AjaxWorld West is … [Read more...]

Gone Shopping

It's beginning to feel like the 80s merger mania all over again. This week Microsoft snapped up mobile search application company TellMe, and Cisco inked a $3.2 billion deal for Web conferencing pioneer WebEx. inquiring minds want to know: what's it all mean? Voxeo VP Marketing John Hibel thinks that regardless of what else these acquisitions mean, they're good news for his company's voice applications platform. "it's a strong validation for Voxeo because we have a lot in common with the … [Read more...]