SoapVox to WordPress

We've made some big improvements to SoapVox. We've upgraded the section to WordPress — actually the OpenWP component for Joomla!. This upgrade has some great new features. All posts now have a single permalink and are sorted into categories. There's also now more meta data in the RSS feeds. We are still in the process of mapping the old URL's to the new ones, so some of the content may still be in the old format for a few days. To better fit with the new tools, we will also … [Read more...]

Voxilla Site Down for Maintenance Tonight and the Voxilla Forums will be down for maintenance tonight, starting at 8pm Pacific. The upgrade shouldn't take more than two hours. … [Read more...]

Feed on SoapVox

The Voxilla SoapVox now supports RSS and ATOM feeds. Just go to your favorite SoapVoxer: Eric Chamberlain; Lonnie Lazar; Marcelo Rodriguez; Carolyn Schuk; and click the feed icon to subscribe. … [Read more...]

Community of 20,000 goes VoIP

The Voxilla community grew past the 20,000 member mark on Friday. We currently have 50-75 new members per day and the number of new members per day is increasing as more people learn about VoIP. Thank you for being a part of our community and contributing to the Communications Revolution. … [Read more...]