TalkSwitch joins the Voxilla Forums

The TalkSwitch User Group is now a member of the Voxilla Forums. TalkSwitch is a SIP-based hybrid phone system that can be connected to both the traditional telephone network and the Internet. With broadband access, and the optional VoIP module, businesses can place branch-to-branch calls over the Internet and access SIP-based service provider networks. … [Read more...]

Sharing my vBulletin Tools

The Voxilla Forums run on vBulletin and I spent most of the day looking for a product that would automatically close old threads. We get a number of new users that reply to an old thread with an unrelated issue, instead of opening a new thread. Our moderators end up spending a lot of time breaking the new posts off into new threads. I couldn't find a product that would run on our version of vBulletin and was easy to configure, so I wrote my own Close Old Thread solution. In the spirit of … [Read more...]

Voxilla on Skype

Skype is a popular service, but it is proprietary and only works with Skype approved hardware and software - the AOL Chat of voice. Is it the future direction of VoIP or will standards-based open-source solutions replace it? The business community is starting to explore the issues surrounding Skype in the corporate environment. Will Skype's proprietary solution prevail in the business environment? Or have businesses had enough of the closed system (black box on the wall with the $500 phone) … [Read more...]

Voxilla Forums Goes RSS

If you haven't seen the Voxilla Forums in a while, take a look. We've added a RSS feed for each of our forums. RSS feeds are another way to access content on the Internet. News readers and news aggregation sites use RSS as a standard way to gather content. If you use a news reader, you can now subscribe to your favorite forums. Just click on the RSS icon next to the forum name. … [Read more...]