Softswitch Inventor Prescribes Patent Reform

Because everything to do with Vonage seems to be headline news lately, the routine call termination agreement the beleaguered provider signed with VoIP Incorporated a few weeks ago thrust the Orlando, FL-based consumer and wholesale communications company into the news as well. But VoIP Inc is interesting in its own right, not least because of its outspoken CTO Shawn Lewis. Lewis has been in the VoIP space a long time. A decade ago he wrote the patent for the first softswitch and SS7 gateway … [Read more...]

More on Vonage

While the dust is still settling about the Vonage injunction it’s still premature to say that VoIP-as-we-know-it is over. That’s the view of SunRocket's Brian Lustig. ’It’s important to note that every Internet phone service provider has their own distinct architecture for their network,” he says. “It’s constructed differently, done in its own unique way. So each provider has to do their own analysis.” The bottom line: “It would be inappropriate to assume that what … [Read more...]

Verizon KOs Vonage

It looks like Chicken Little was right. The sky is falling and Foxy Woxy Verizon is going to snap off Vonage’s head with a permanent injunction that bids fair to shut down the VoIP provider. Now I’m certainly no expert on intellectual property law so I’ll leave comment about the legal ins and outs to the lawyers. But as a citizen, I think there’s something here that gets to the heart of the whole notion of intellectual property. Nobody disputes your right to the opportunity to make … [Read more...]

Is Vonage on the Prowl?

Vonage stock is anchored at all time lows, about a third of the IPO price, and there's no absence of speculation about the consumer VoIP pioneer's future. Today, David Shabelman's piece, "Clock Ticks for Internet Provider Vonage," — thanks to reader Larry Lisser who alerted me to this — speculates that Vonage may be looking to grow by aquisition. Some of the targets are consumer VoIP competitors like SunRocket and Packet8. Personally, I can't imagine a worse marriage-made-in-hell … [Read more...]