Peering Into the Future

While I was at VON last month the phrase "peer-assisted streaming mesh networks" passed through my brain. But it didn't really trigger any insights until last night. I was at a seminar about "next generation Web ad networks." (Tell me, is anything today not next generation?) One of the presenters was from SkyRider, a company that helps people distribute and "monetize" content on peer-to-peer networks. It was then that the full disruptive possibilities of mesh networks clicked for me. For … [Read more...]

Von Wrap

VON Shows VoIP Is Now The Phone Compnay

I’m feeling compelled to say something in the way of a summary about last week’s VON show. About the only thing that I could spot in the way of a trend was the increasing number of infrastructure technologies and support services on offer. That led to the observation on Tuesday by Shoretel’s Ed Basart, “I don’t see too many customers around here.” In other words, VoIP is now just...the phone company. And all the folks who know how to deliver everything from voice fidelity to … [Read more...]

Hearing is Believing

VON was an opportunity for Polycom to show off the newest members of its IP phone family, with new entry level phones and a new high end HD phone. The Soundpoint IP 330 and IP 320 deliver two new entry-level IP desk phone choices. Both offer integrated power over Ethernet (PoE) that eliminate the AC power adapter. The 330 offers two Ethernet ports while the 320 provides only one, providing a simpler device for uses like lobby phones where the phone doesn’t have connect to a PC. The 320 and … [Read more...]

The Mac Mini PBX is Discovered

I hate writing about something that we sell through the Voxilla Store, but news is news (and no-news is no-news) and our friend Andy Abramson gave us the opening. A German company, 4S newcom, is pitching an IP PBX that is loaded on an Apple iPod Shuffle (news?) and runs on a Mac Mini (no-news). The system, called iBlue, will begin shipping on November 6th, to coincide with the VON Europe conference in Berlin. An entry level system will be priced at 2,999 Euros (about US$3,750) and consists of … [Read more...]