VoicePulse Lures Others’ Customers With Cash

New Jersey-based residential VoIP service provider is betting that a cash incentive of $50 will persuade users of other services to jump ship. … [Read more...]

Vonage, VoicePulse Push Forward With Video

Two major VoIP providers announce their intention to offer video services in 2005. The timing of the dual announcements was in part driven by competition. Yet, that very competition is one stumbling block to the wide acceptance of video VoIP. Will Vonage, VoicePulse and Packet8 — the only significant player in video VoIP today — call a short time out and sign the interconnection agreements needed to allow video voice to work? … [Read more...]

VoicePulse Goes Low Bandwidth

The New Jersey-based Voice over IP provider has unveiled a new bandwidth saver featurethat allows users with limited upstream bandwidth to make toll-quality phonecalls without crippling their internet connection. … [Read more...]

How to Install VoicePulse Connect

VoicePulse … [Read more...]