No Limits Mobile Video

I passed an unmistakable milestone on the road to irrelevance the other day. One of my son's friends's paused as he passed our three-foot shelf of record albums and asked, “What are those?” “Those are vinyl records,” I explained helpfully. “It’s how we listened to music when I was young.” “Oh!” the sixteen year-old said, as if he had just penetrated the secrets of the Jurassic Age. It underscored for me how the YouTube generation has a fundamentally … [Read more...]

Dreaming of a Video Christmas

It’s beginning to feel a lot like Christmas. Cisco and Packet8 are brightening the holidays for hospitalized children with live videophone visits from Santa this Christmas. Cisco announced their video visits last week and Packet8 just put out the news today. Using the two company’s videophones, young patients will be able to see and chat with Santa at his "North Pole" workshop. Cisco’s version features one-button Santa calling. And both companies are following up the calls with gifts for … [Read more...]

Fall 2006 VON – You Didn’t Miss Much

This was my first VON show. Turnout appeared light and my peers confirmed that turnout was around 20% lower than past years. It’s been a while since I worked a trade show and maybe I’ve spent too much time in Berkeley, but it felt like we were nickel-and-dimed for every little thing at the show. It didn’t feel like the show was an effective use of resources. I spent most of my time during the show working on our new website and forum. But I did get a chance to walk the floor and … [Read more...]

Your Mom’s on Channel 3

The video phone has for the most part been a thing of the future and of ancient Jetson cartoons. It's not that it hasn't been available, it's more that no one has come up with a good reason to use it. But it looks that someone -- specifically Packet8 -- has taken steps to pitch video telephony in a way that makes it something more current, and useful. In short: Forget business, get it in the home. Over the past couple of years, there have been a handful of video phones available using SIP … [Read more...]