Connecting mobile phones to the PBX, IBM and Nortel pair up for VoIP, and Babar?

Santa Monica-based WiFiMobile today debuted its Enterprise Solution, which marries selected Nokia phones with any SIP-compliant PBX. The software lets you use a mobile phones as a PBX extension and access the company’s WLAN for both data and telephony. More in the press release. Right now the software can be downloaded for free. OceanLake Commerce's memo mobile email service is now available in the US to Alltel, AT&T (Formerly Cingular), Sprint/Nextel, and Verizon Wireless customers. … [Read more...]

Daily CommBytes 5/18/07

Everybody knows that Verizon won its patent suit against Vonage. But how many people understand the patents that were the basis of the case? Robert Green at has laid it all out in a helpful chart format describing each of the patents. Plus, a discussion of the how the court ruling is highly likely to have an impact on cable companies' VoIP offerings. Here. By 2010 46 million of us are going to be watching some kind of video on our phone, according to Infonetics. Here. Skype … [Read more...]

Microsoft Communicates

It’s Mother’s Day and what’s Mother’s Day about except communication? All those phone calls and cards, not to mention all those flowers and chocolates. That must be why Microsoft chose this week to unveil a budding ecosystem of new devices designed to work seamlessly with its unified communications suite, Microsoft Office Communicator 2007, which debuted last March. OK, maybe the announcement was really timed for WinHEC this week. But if Mom has a computer and makes phone calls, … [Read more...]

Video VoIP

There are lots of services out there these days that let you make VoIP calls on your cell phone. But how about video IP calls? That’s what Latvian startup Tivi is showing at VON. Founded by three high school buddies, Tivi’s SIP software client turns smart phones running Symbian and Windows Mobile into VoIP and IP video phones. The video client lets users make video calls from a mobile phone to a PC. Tivi also offers a free softphone client that can be downloaded from the company's … [Read more...]