Phone 2.0

It's beginning to sound quaint to call that gizmo we keep with us all the time a "telephone." Maybe we should coin a new term for the ever-expanding universe of things we can do with it -- perhaps Phone 2.0. Now, in addition to getting directions and connecting with your Facebook buddies, you can connect your phone to the expanding universe of digital content with Cupertino, CA-based Navio's content delivery system. Navio is created from the consumer's perspective. For example, when you … [Read more...]

Smarting Up Your Dumb Cell

You're away from the office and discover you need an email address that's in your desktop address book. But you can't get it with the one device you do have with you -- your cell phone. Remoba of Santa Clara, CA thinks you should have another choice besides a PDA and a costly wireless data plan. The three-year-old company's mission is to bring your desktop to your plain-jane ordinary, un-smart mobile phone. Remoba offers a suite of applications that connect desktop applications like … [Read more...]

It’s the Technology, Stupid

Cable giant Comcast's announcement today that it has hit the 1 million mark in "digital voice" customer subscribers won't be construed as good news by the hundreds of "single-play" service providers that used to view Vonage and its $300 per customer marketing campaign as the New York Yankees (or Manchester United for you fans of real sport) of VoIP. At first glance, it appears that yet another deep-pocketed entrant is trying to scoop up customers by spending millions in marketing -- a hard … [Read more...]