Voice SMS Picks Up Steam

I was telling a friend of mine about "talk and send" SMS messages and his not-too-interested reply was "yeah, it's called voicemail." The incremental ease of spoken SMS messages wasn't something he was going to be writing home about. But he likes to idle away weekends fiddling with his network so he can turn on the living room TV from his computer, too. Added steps and complexity, if anything, stack up as positives on his value scale. However, despite my friend's dim view of it, VoIP and … [Read more...]

uReach Says

Text messaging sounds great. Just type in a quick message - "get milk" or "at mall" - and send. What could be easier? But in practice, trying to type on a 10-digit telephone keypad is an exercise in frustration. "When you think about it, it's surprising how non-mobile text messaging ends up being," says Richard Stern, VP Marketing at Holmdel, NJ-based uReach. "You have to stop and type out the message." Making text messaging truly quick and mobile is the logic behind uReach's SayText(tm) … [Read more...]