Mobile VoIP, Vyke, Truphone, Fonbucks vs. Starbucks and piggybacking

Global businesses have big plans for mobile handsets. That's according to UK research firm Coleman Parkes Research. Seven out of 10 expect to be using mobile VoIP within two years and many are already a variety of business applications. But with the new flexibility comes a whole new dimension of security and management challenges. Robert Jacques at has the story. But while businesses see huge benefits to mobile VoIP, mobile carriers have been circling the wagons, blocking mobile … [Read more...]

Nokia and Mobile Nirvana

Nokia Mobile Nirvana

There is no such thing as the perfect mobile phone -- and there probably never will be for two reasons. First, as in all else, what is right for one may not be -- and in the cell phone world, probably isn't -- right for another. Second, trying to balance functionality and portability necessitates ideal-busting compromise on the part of mobile phone manufacturers. I'll list my off-the-cufff requirements for the cell phone I want to carry permanently, and you'll see both these limiting reasons … [Read more...]

Mobile VoIP Made Simple

Truphone company founder Ed Guy is one of his company's best customers. "I'm a multiple device person. My cell phone doesn't work in my house. So when I'd only need one device I'd have to carry two." Now he only carries one, thanks to UK-based Truphone's long-awaited "mobile VoIP" for the Nokia N80, which was launched today. Currently the service is only available for Cingular and T-Mobile customers because Nokia doesn't deliver WiFi-enabled phones for the other services. Truphone's … [Read more...]