Palm Foleo Does More by Doing Less

My first thought when I read Palm's press release today about its new Foleo Mobile Companion was: Damn, for less than what I've spent in the past year to keep my five year-old iBook running, I could have had a Foleo. My regret isn't because the Foleo does more. On the contrary. It's because it does less. Like V-8, Foleo delivers your daily requirements — email, Web browsing, contacts, and document editing — on a 2.5 pound device (half the heft of the previously-noted iBook) with a … [Read more...]

Syncing Up on the Mac

I'm a Mac user and a Palm Treo user. I love both of these devices. But an ongoing frustration has been the inability of these devices to sync up properly together. I work around the problem simply by not using the calendar on my Mac. So I was pretty excited today when I read about New York-based Transmedia's Glide Sync and Glide Mobile services for Mac. The free service supports about 30 cell phones — including my Treo 650. It automatically synchs photos, music, videos, documents, … [Read more...]