Video VoIP

There are lots of services out there these days that let you make VoIP calls on your cell phone. But how about video IP calls? That’s what Latvian startup Tivi is showing at VON. Founded by three high school buddies, Tivi’s SIP software client turns smart phones running Symbian and Windows Mobile into VoIP and IP video phones. The video client lets users make video calls from a mobile phone to a PC. Tivi also offers a free softphone client that can be downloaded from the company's … [Read more...]

Fall 2006 VON – You Didn’t Miss Much

This was my first VON show. Turnout appeared light and my peers confirmed that turnout was around 20% lower than past years. It’s been a while since I worked a trade show and maybe I’ve spent too much time in Berkeley, but it felt like we were nickel-and-dimed for every little thing at the show. It didn’t feel like the show was an effective use of resources. I spent most of my time during the show working on our new website and forum. But I did get a chance to walk the floor and … [Read more...]