PhoneGnome Customers Can Breathe Easy

PhoneGnome customers can relax. The feared service interruption that users were alerted to last night likely won't materialize. And besides, if the VoIP service doesn't work, with PhoneGnome you always have the fallback POTS. Yesterday evening, the company sent out a notice that one of its providers was shutting down operations on August 31 — TelEvolution deserves credit for coming out with the information before customers experienced problems. Because this provider hosted a significant … [Read more...]

PhoneGnome Your Way

Televolution's PhoneGnome has come a long way since it was introduced nearly two years ago. Now company founder David Beckmeyer is aiming to be the "eBay for voice applications" by opening the platform to developers through Web Services APIs and distribution through the PhoneGnome website. Think of it as a voice application bazaar. "People keep saying they want to build these Web 2.0 applications," says Beckmeyer. "Now they have the platform. Developers can get feedback from hundreds of … [Read more...]

Is Skype for Business Ready for Prime Time?

Skype in the Business World

Skype didn’t invent Internet phone calls. But the Luxembourg-based subsidiary of Internet auction giant EBay has brought VoIP to the masses, boasting that hundreds of millions of people around the world have downloaded its free software. In the past six months, Skype has taken steps to expand its presence from the consumer market to business users. But some say that Skype’s business offering doesn’t make the grade for business use. Skype’s software-based service makes it an … [Read more...]

PhoneGnome 2.0 Debuts

PhoneGnome 2.0

If there's anyone doing a better job of making it easier or cheaper to use IP telephony than the folks at Televolution, I'd like to meet them. The PhoneGnome came on the scene last year as the brainchild of David Beckemeyer, who cut his IP teeth co-founding Earthlink. The PhoneGnome promised free point-to-point calling between anyone with a PhoneGnome unit (actually a pre-configured Sipura SPA3000 ATA), and offered a number of ITSP choices for reduced rate long distance calling. By … [Read more...]