Peering Into the Future

While I was at VON last month the phrase "peer-assisted streaming mesh networks" passed through my brain. But it didn't really trigger any insights until last night. I was at a seminar about "next generation Web ad networks." (Tell me, is anything today not next generation?) One of the presenters was from SkyRider, a company that helps people distribute and "monetize" content on peer-to-peer networks. It was then that the full disruptive possibilities of mesh networks clicked for me. For … [Read more...]

Broadband Gets Personal

Yesterday I made my weekly WiFi Stations of the Cross, waiting for my son during his Japanese class. My search for a wireless Internet connection every Monday has taken on inevitability of the via dolorosa. There's the Starbucks T-Mobile hotspot, but I refuse to pay $9.00 for an hour of connection. That works out to about $6,500 a month. For that money I could buy a house in a much better neighborhood than my own. I could drive to downtown Mountain View to pick up Google's free municipal … [Read more...]

Are wLANs VoIP-Ready?

VoIP software company HelloSoft is holding a special press shindig next Monday — a pre-VON warm up. The San Jose-based startup is inviting members of the fourth estate to shmooze with HelloSoft execs and take the company's seamless cell-WiFi handoff technology for a spin. Moving a call seamlessly between cell and VoIP networks is certainly sexy. But before you can move the call between the networks, you first need the capability to make a VoIP call over a WiFi network reliably. So I … [Read more...]

Working on the Railroad

In what municipal wireless broadband provider 4G Metro is calling a national first, the company will deliver wireless Internet access and "entertainment" services to passengers riding Trinity Railway Express, a cooperative commuter service between downtown Dallas and Fort Worth, TX and the Dallas Fort Worth airport. There's no explicit statement about how this gets paid for, but the LCD screens providing "infotainment" that are part of the deal suggest one revenue stream. Also, the fact that … [Read more...]