Onward and Upward

To those of you who made it by the new Voxilla online store for some year-end shopping, we've been glad to see you! And we hope you've been pleased to see our fresh paint and the new goodies on our shelves. We are still working out some distribution logistics, but look forward to a year of new growth in 2007. For you with no idea what I'm going on about, we quietly changed a week or so ago from the old-stand-by shopping cart with the groovy orange graphics to a brand-new platform sporting … [Read more...]

TalkSwitch TS-48-CVA With New Version 4.0 Software Product Review

For small- and medium-sized businesses, going VoIP is no easy matter. The choices are complex and confusing. Because of the perceived risks, most small and medium businesses are not ready to move completely to Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) in one move. Instead small and medium businesses are looking for an incremental transition from the world of analog to VoIP. TalkSwitch offers an upgradeable line of hybrid PBX systems to fit the need — starting with the TS-24-CA supporting … [Read more...]

TalkSwitch TS-600 Product Review

The TalkSwitch TS-600 is the other phone reviewed this weekend. The TS-600 is the top-tier phone from TalkSwitch. … [Read more...]

TalkSwitch TS-400 Product Review

I spent my Sunday playing with TalkSwitch. Please don't make me a complete nerd and at least read my review or add your own. The TS-400 from TalkSwitch is a middle-tier analog phone packed with features. … [Read more...]