One Phone, Many Identities

TalkPlus CEO Jeff Black's resume demands a new cliché: uncontrollable entrepreneur. Black loves being at the leading, bleeding edge. His history includes launching the first U.S. retail computer store (Tandy Radio Shack), the Alta Vista search engine, and the first Internet maps, just to name a few. And he's been dabbling in VoIP for two decades. At DEC in the 1980s, he worked on an early DECnet phone. "The problem was, there wasn't enough DECnet in the world to ship one," Black recalls. … [Read more...]

TalkPlus Is Not Just For Dating

TalkPlus believes its just-announced patent-pending plans to centralize voice services on the cell phone addresses many needs: privacy, mobility, accessibility and even "safe" dating. Yes, it's hard to market many of the new products in the so-called "Voice 2.0" space because they don't easily lend themselves to pithy press release descriptions (nor, as this story certainly attests to, concise journalistic presentation). So the San Mateo, CA.-based Talk Plus is launching the service and … [Read more...]