Mobile phone for granny, new industry research reports, another SunRocket antidote

Pass me the Alka Seltzer. Last week's news glut left me hung over. I feel like unless I can report on Harry Potter texting he-whom-we-are-all-sick-to-death-of on his Apple iPhone, what can I possibly have to say? But at some point we have to get back to real life. So here's a virtual cool compress for your forehead in the form of some news you may have missed because of last week's SunRocket wipe-out and Harry Potter and the Deathless Hype. Last week UK firm Communic8 launched its … [Read more...]

Packet8, Others, Picking up the SunRocket Pieces

SunRocket RIP

SunRocket generates more interest dead than alive. The VoIP pure-play's skulking exit has garnered attention from MSNBC, the International Herald Tribune, The New York Times and the Washington Post, just to name a few. Other VoIP companies are wasting no time offering special packages to stranded SunRocket subscribers. Vonage is offering two months free service. Nuvio today announced a special $199.99 plan for former SunRocket customers. As I wrote yesterday, VoicePulse has been quietly … [Read more...]

More on Vonage

While the dust is still settling about the Vonage injunction it’s still premature to say that VoIP-as-we-know-it is over. That’s the view of SunRocket's Brian Lustig. ’It’s important to note that every Internet phone service provider has their own distinct architecture for their network,” he says. “It’s constructed differently, done in its own unique way. So each provider has to do their own analysis.” The bottom line: “It would be inappropriate to assume that what … [Read more...]

Crazy SunRocket

Remember Crazy Eddie, the discount electronics company that advertised on late night -- or should that be 'nite' -- TV in the 70s? Every ad ended with him screaming "Our prices are in-saaaane." Looks like SunRocket is taking a page from the legendary retailer's book. The company is offering a second year's service free when you sign up for the company's $199 Annual Edition 12-month calling plan. The catch - the offer is "today only." Let's see who follows the Pied Piper in this … [Read more...]