Video VoIP

There are lots of services out there these days that let you make VoIP calls on your cell phone. But how about video IP calls? That’s what Latvian startup Tivi is showing at VON. Founded by three high school buddies, Tivi’s SIP software client turns smart phones running Symbian and Windows Mobile into VoIP and IP video phones. The video client lets users make video calls from a mobile phone to a PC. Tivi also offers a free softphone client that can be downloaded from the company's … [Read more...]

Now You’re Talking

"Click to talk" is a great idea. But when you click to talk and get a message that you need to download software, the natural inclination is to just move on. For companies doing business online, that translates to lost business. UK-based Mexuar Communications aims to bridge that gap with its new "click to talk" Java-based Corraleta Technology SDK for Asterisk, which the company announced this week at Astricon. Mexuar is promoting the software for applications like online sales and customer … [Read more...]

Sprint’s Little Secret

Sprint Nextel has a secret. You can use Sprint’s high speed wireless data service to make VoIP calls at a fraction of the cost of traditional cell phone calls. But the company isn’t going out of its way to tell you about it. PeerMe hopes to change that with its new, free service that lets subscribers to Sprint’s mobile broadband make unlimited free VoIP calls between PeerMe users. And PeerMe isn’t the only player promoting the cellphone as the center of the VoIP universe. This week … [Read more...]

Your Mom’s on Channel 3

The video phone has for the most part been a thing of the future and of ancient Jetson cartoons. It's not that it hasn't been available, it's more that no one has come up with a good reason to use it. But it looks that someone -- specifically Packet8 -- has taken steps to pitch video telephony in a way that makes it something more current, and useful. In short: Forget business, get it in the home. Over the past couple of years, there have been a handful of video phones available using SIP … [Read more...]