Gartner scopes out security, satellite TV players become ISPs

The biggest threat to IT security isn't the hacker on the outside. It's the employees on the inside that are, in increasing numbers, bringing consumer technologies like Skype, social networking, IM and "unsecured" mobile devices to work with them. So says a new Gartner report. The press release includes details on how to protect the corporate network. A while back, I looked at the use of Skype in business and some of the issues the Gartner study raises. Satellite TV providers DirecTV and … [Read more...]

New 911 rules on the way, another way to make VoIP calls on cell phone

The FCC is forging ahead with new 911 rules including technology-neutral location ID requirements and automatic location identification for VoIP services that can be used at multiple locations. TCMnet's Mae Kowalke connects the dots between Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) and Microsoft's software-centric unified communications model. (You've been holding your breath for this, I know). And while we're getting geeky here, motherboard manufacturer MSI is building in a phone adapter for … [Read more...]

Skype Goes to Wal-Mart

What do Wal-mart and Bluto have in common? They’re both best noted for being, well —big. So Skype is trying to reach the people in the marketplace bigtime. The Wal-Mart marketplace, namely, in more than 1,800 of the ubiquitous big box stores in all its forms: Wal-Mart Stores, Supercenters, Neighborhood Markets, and Sam’s Clubs. Ten years ago VoIP was the domain of hobbyists and uber-geeks. What they were doing involved a headset and what most people — think Wal-mart shoppers … [Read more...]

Daily CommBytes 5/18/07

Everybody knows that Verizon won its patent suit against Vonage. But how many people understand the patents that were the basis of the case? Robert Green at has laid it all out in a helpful chart format describing each of the patents. Plus, a discussion of the how the court ruling is highly likely to have an impact on cable companies' VoIP offerings. Here. By 2010 46 million of us are going to be watching some kind of video on our phone, according to Infonetics. Here. Skype … [Read more...]