Are Skype’s Problems Architectural?

Skype has had its share of bad news lately, with a malware attack following close on the heels of a massive outage. Current events raise questions about Skype's technology that won't — and shouldn't — go away. One is the perennial architecture question: proprietary (Skype) vs. open (SIP). Recently I asked SIP application company Counterpath's CTO Jason Fischl to talk about it. Fischl was also the architect of TelTel's SIP-based VoIP system. "When you're trying to design a system … [Read more...]

Worming Skype

Poor Skype. As if the outage a few weeks ago wasn't enough, a Windows worm called Pykspa.d is catching a ride on Skype IM, according to this report in PC World. … [Read more...]

Skype Gets Lessons from Murphy

The most entertaining explanation I've heard about last week's Skype outage is this posting from Rostislav Siryk in his blog: "Skype‚Äôs outage is ...[a] natural consequence of quantum physics. Because users [are] like atoms." In other words, it's within the realm of possibility that all the world's PCs will download a Microsoft update and reboot at the identical moment. On the other hand, when was the last time you saw an object move by itself as a result of all its atoms just … [Read more...]

Skype inside, roaming free, ShoreTel ecosystem, fixed-mobile convergence at home…

Looking to emulate the highly successful Asterisk ecosystem business model, IP-PBX pioneer ShoreTel has launched a partner program to extend the choice of integrated solutions available to customers. Skype Inside: First, an agreement between Toshiba and Skype will build Skype into Toshiba notebooks. Second, German mobile software company Shape Services has launched beta versions of IM+ for Skype software for Java phones, Symbian S60 and Palm OS. Home networking pioneer Netgear announced a … [Read more...]