Skype Gets Lessons from Murphy

The most entertaining explanation I've heard about last week's Skype outage is this posting from Rostislav Siryk in his blog: "Skype‚Äôs outage is ...[a] natural consequence of quantum physics. Because users [are] like atoms." In other words, it's within the realm of possibility that all the world's PCs will download a Microsoft update and reboot at the identical moment. On the other hand, when was the last time you saw an object move by itself as a result of all its atoms just … [Read more...]

Blackberry, Avaya, and Argonne votes against VoIP

By year end Blackberry users will have a new WiFi-enabled dual-mode device. Here. This week Avaya debuts a new SIP-based PBX system for distributed businesses featuring low-cost VoIP phones. Here. Network World has a cautionary tale today about how Argonne Labs ended up replacing its green field VoIP implementation with a TDM system because of problems with the Cisco handsets. Author Paul Desmond offers a detailed case study. Here. … [Read more...]

Best of Both Worlds

Can I tell you a secret? I've never actually launched a softphone program on my computer. I was starting to feel like a Luddite. Then I read about Cambridge, England-based Camrivox's Flexor 500 IP phone, a desk phone that integrates with business applications like Microsoft Outlook and You could call it the best of both worlds. First off, it's a great example of using the IP platform to do something that's impossibly complicated with traditional telephony. At the same time, … [Read more...]

HP Gets Smart

HP today announced its new smartphone, the HP iPAQ 500 Series Voice Messenger, that brings some real smarts to the world of smartphones. The GSM/WiFi voice and data device is designed for business users rather than teenagers. It runs Microsoft Windows Mobile 6 and is geared for hands-free operation with a speech interface called "Voice Commander." This lets the iPAQ replace the QWERTY keyboard with a familiar telephone keypad. One of its most unique features is a voice-reply-to-email … [Read more...]