Ring Authority Provides Business Solutions that Can Power Any Office

Ring Authority offers every business the ultimate in modern telephone technology and services. With headquarters in Sarasota, FL, this quality telecommunications company provides the latest developments, methods and conveniences to meet all contemporary office needs, including excellent mobile phone connection options. As this company's experts explain, a study by the energy-management consultants at Ecos reveals that nationwide consumers spend upwards of two billion dollars annually on … [Read more...]

How SIP Trunk Providers Can Save Your Business Money

A SIP trunk is the direct connection of an Internet telephony service provider, or ITSP, to an organization. This configuration offers a less expensive and much simpler way to upgrade, design, manage, and operate services. ITSP’s provide considerable savings for services such as long distance calling, line extension, and multimedia conferencing. Investing in SIP can offer a fast and extensive return on investment for any organization. It is important to note that aside from VoIP calls, a … [Read more...]