Talkswitch TS-400 Product Review

TalkSwitch TS-400

At-a-Glance Product Name: TalkSwitch TS-400 Spec Sheet:¬†TalkSwitch TS-400 datasheet Estimated Price: $159.00 Pros: Loads of feature buttons, no complex menus to navigate; missed call counter automatically resets; easy to use with a headset. Cons: Only an analog phone; backlit LCD turns off when phone is on-hook. … [Read more...]

TalkSwitch TS-600 Product Review

TalkSwitch TS-600

At-a-Glance Product Name: TalkSwitch TS-600 Data Sheet: TalkSwitch TS-600 datasheet Estimated Price: $189.00 Pros: Large adjustable LCD; one cord to the phone. Cons: It's an analog phone. … [Read more...]