Getting Smart About SPIT

Right up front I'm going to confess to a bias. I've been following security startup Bharosa for a couple of years. The three year-old company makes its home in my hometown, Santa Clara, CA. It used to have its office right next door to the community newspaper, The Santa Clara Weekly, where I do my non-technology writing. The guys at Bharosa are nice guys — the name means "trust" in Hindi. They spent a lot of time showing me how their software worked and explaining it in terms that make … [Read more...]

VoIP Security: Stop Everything

Security intro

We can't put the genie back in the bottle, but it seems to me that the Voice over IP (VoIP) industry is in need of security training and improvements. There's been much noise over VoIP security lately, though not much of the what's been voiced is new or innovative. Much of it just parrots old advice: segment the network traffic and install a VoIP firewall. The fact that VoIP security discussions haven't advanced much beyond what applies to ordinary networking is a sign that a lot of new … [Read more...]

Is Skype a Bad Network Neighbor?

Maybe the Ebay/Skype personnel shuffle -- Skype's "nightmare before Christmas" as Om Malik called it -- has to do with other people's nightmares about what Skype might be doing to their networks. While the controversy about Skype on academic networks has made the mainstream media in recent months, there's also been a controversy brewing -- mostly surfacing in the business press -- about Skype use on business networks. Back in 2005, Gartner Group was warning against Skype. And last May the … [Read more...]

Is Skype for Business Ready for Prime Time?

Skype in the Business World

Skype didn’t invent Internet phone calls. But the Luxembourg-based subsidiary of Internet auction giant EBay has brought VoIP to the masses, boasting that hundreds of millions of people around the world have downloaded its free software. In the past six months, Skype has taken steps to expand its presence from the consumer market to business users. But some say that Skype’s business offering doesn’t make the grade for business use. Skype’s software-based service makes it an … [Read more...]