Are My VoIP Calls Safe from Government Surveillance?

When news broke this month about “project PRISM”, many callers began to wonder if any form of communication was safe from government surveillance. Under PRISM, the NSA (National Security Agency) gathered information on millions of citizens’ phone calls. According to Gen. Keith Alexander, the surveillance has prevented over 50 terrorists attacks since the September 11th attacks in 2001. The American public has been largely dichotomous about the surveillance. Some Americans are … [Read more...]

Linksys Brings Security Controls to the Home Router


Linksys and Trend Micro announced Monday they are adding Home Network Defender internet security software to a pair of Linksys consumer grade wireless routers, to help block out unsafe sites before any computer on a home network can get to them. The Linksys WRT310N and WRT610N will now feature software that denies access to any site it deems unsafe based on a set of predetermined criteria and constantly talks to Trend Micro servers to determine how secure a site is. Users will be able to … [Read more...]

Samsung’s New Math

Samsung's convergence calculation goes like this. Routing + switching + VoIP + security = 1 — One box, one management interface, one architecture. Last month the Korean electronics giant introduced the U.S. enterprise networking market to Samsung's new math with the Ubigate iBG Series all-in-one enterprise networking platform for SMBs. Ubigate begs the question: does the world really need another box? That's a simplistic and narrow view, according to Samsung Director of North American … [Read more...]

“Holding” gets easier, Polycom ecosystem, and yet another brand for Microsoft IPTV

In life it's often the small stuff that makes the biggest difference. Virtual Hold Technology has taken on a gripe we all have — waiting on hold. While the company's eponymous system can't eliminate the wait, it makes it easier by holding your place in line while you hang up and get on with your life. When you're at the head of the list, the system calls you up. The company sells the technology to contact centers, promoting its ability to increase customer satisfaction and reducing … [Read more...]