Wireless – When Will Providers Learn?

I've been a little behind the eight-ball this week, glued to the TV news about the Democratic - both big and little 'd' - tsunami in Washington. So it was only this morning that I got around to Andy Abramson's Russell Skeptical On EvDO Rev A--So Am I. He's right that industry dynamics - not technology - is the greatest barrier to wireless connectivity. When are service providers going to recognize that they're their own worst enemies when it comes to wireless Internet access? … [Read more...]

Corrupting Influences on VoIP

VoIP bloggers Russell Shaw and Rich Tehrani have both weighed in on the role that the cozy relationship between governmental leaders in so-called "Third-World" countries and the established telecom monopolies in those countries may have on VoIP. Specifically, Shaw and Terhani postulate -- through thinly veiled questions -- that VoIP is under attack (through port blocking, IP telephony bans and the arrests of VoIP providers) in Namibia, Belarus, Bangladesh, United Arab Emirates and South Korea … [Read more...]