It’s Not the Journey, It’s the Goal

They may have different ways of getting there, but everyone at last week's Communications Developer conference agreed on the destination: unified communications. "Communications is becoming open in a way that allows developers to connect communications to virtually anything from hardware to software to network equipment," says conference producer TMC President Rich Tehrani. "Leaving the decision about what to implement to the purchaser. "Virtually every company in the communications business … [Read more...]

The Mac Mini PBX is Discovered

I hate writing about something that we sell through the Voxilla Store, but news is news (and no-news is no-news) and our friend Andy Abramson gave us the opening. A German company, 4S newcom, is pitching an IP PBX that is loaded on an Apple iPod Shuffle (news?) and runs on a Mac Mini (no-news). The system, called iBlue, will begin shipping on November 6th, to coincide with the VON Europe conference in Berlin. An entry level system will be priced at 2,999 Euros (about US$3,750) and consists of … [Read more...]

Corrupting Influences on VoIP

VoIP bloggers Russell Shaw and Rich Tehrani have both weighed in on the role that the cozy relationship between governmental leaders in so-called "Third-World" countries and the established telecom monopolies in those countries may have on VoIP. Specifically, Shaw and Terhani postulate -- through thinly veiled questions -- that VoIP is under attack (through port blocking, IP telephony bans and the arrests of VoIP providers) in Namibia, Belarus, Bangladesh, United Arab Emirates and South Korea … [Read more...]