New 911 rules on the way, another way to make VoIP calls on cell phone

The FCC is forging ahead with new 911 rules including technology-neutral location ID requirements and automatic location identification for VoIP services that can be used at multiple locations. TCMnet's Mae Kowalke connects the dots between Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) and Microsoft's software-centric unified communications model. (You've been holding your breath for this, I know). And while we're getting geeky here, motherboard manufacturer MSI is building in a phone adapter for … [Read more...]

FXO on the Down Low

For small- and medium-sized businesses, going all-VoIP is not an easy decision. Fortunately, the switch-over, which can result in substantial savings and add bold new capabilities to tired old office phone systems, can be done in baby-steps: Purchase an Internet Protocol (IP) based phone system, but keep the PSTN lines, for now. It is indeed possible to integrate VoIP into an existing office analog system, keeping current phone services intact while routing costly toll calls out over IP. … [Read more...]

States Losing Landline Subscribers

The recent 2000-2005 FCC wireline (POTS) subscriber numbers are interesting - the number of POTS lines decreased. This in and of itself is not new and of much interest. What is interesting is where the decrease happened - Kansas. The largest decrease (19%) happened in Kansas, a state not generally thought of as a technical leader. But, one should never underestimate the technical sophistication of the modern combine, most already have wireless 802.11 links back to the barn, VoIP is a logical … [Read more...]