VoIP Phone Services with Nexus IT

VoIP phone services provide a streamlined way for you to set up a telephone system without investing in unnecessary hardware. Like so many types of technology these days, phone lines have stepped away from the bulky wires and hardware systems of the past to go mobile and online, where things move faster, provide more options, and cost less. At Nexus, we know that making this transition isn’t always easy—but we also believe that this kind of flexibility is what you need to take your business … [Read more...]

Provider Spotlight: VoIPdito.com

VoIPdito is a Business VoIP provider that has earned the Voxilla.com October Spotlight because of its outstanding enterprise class cloud PBX system and its extensive features. Transform any business, no matter the size, with the VoIPdito business-class cloud system and its ability to lower costs, increase productivity, and grow with your business. VoIPdito follows their simple 3T philosophy: Telephone, Time, and Trust. These are the three pillars upon which the excellent service that VoIPdito … [Read more...]