Perfect Storm of New Mobile Apps

Judging from the e-blizzard of press releases coming out of CTIA, you could spend from now until next year trying out all the new stuff available on the "third screen." Here are a few items that caught my attention. Maybe not the sexiest application, but a strong contender in my book for the most useful is Fremont, CA-based ABBYY's Business Card Recognition (BCR) utility for smartphone Symbian, S60 or UIQ platforms. The software captures data from business cards using the built-in digital … [Read more...]

Surf’s Up for Pinger

Since I first wrote about Pinger, I have to confess that I haven’t found any pressing need for voice IM. But maybe this technology is going to find its way into our lives is through time-sensitive group communications. This year the fourth annual Mavericks Surf Contest in Half Moon Bay, CA is using Pinger for contest communications, Pinger announced last week. Frigid water, monster waves, notorious rip tides, jagged rocks, and Great White sharks all combine to make Mavericks one of the … [Read more...]

Voice SMS Picks Up Steam

I was telling a friend of mine about "talk and send" SMS messages and his not-too-interested reply was "yeah, it's called voicemail." The incremental ease of spoken SMS messages wasn't something he was going to be writing home about. But he likes to idle away weekends fiddling with his network so he can turn on the living room TV from his computer, too. Added steps and complexity, if anything, stack up as positives on his value scale. However, despite my friend's dim view of it, VoIP and … [Read more...]