Nokia and Mobile Nirvana

Nokia Mobile Nirvana

There is no such thing as the perfect mobile phone -- and there probably never will be for two reasons. First, as in all else, what is right for one may not be -- and in the cell phone world, probably isn't -- right for another. Second, trying to balance functionality and portability necessitates ideal-busting compromise on the part of mobile phone manufacturers. I'll list my off-the-cufff requirements for the cell phone I want to carry permanently, and you'll see both these limiting reasons … [Read more...]

Blog Tag 2.0

As the father of a six year-old, I am currently wired to join in any game, participate in any role-play, or accede to any request that I drop whatever I am doing and have a little fun, whenever such might come my way. Since Carolyn Schuk made me it in a game of Blog Tag yesterday -- a little diversion brought to the IP Communications blogosphere over the weekend by Jeff Pulver -- I'll bite. The nature of these viral things is that they tend to waft and warp a bit from their original forms, so … [Read more...]

PhoneGnome Makes Free Calling Easy – Voxilla Makes PhoneGnome Easier

PhoneGnome offers several ways to make free calls, including using non-PhoneGnome devices. As an example, I don't have a landline at home and can use PhoneGnome, a SPA942, and my cell phone. The solution is a good fit for longer calls, when holding a cell phone would be uncomfortable and use too many air-time minutes. Configuring a non-PhoneGnome device was a manual process, until now. With the help of Dameon Welch-Abernathy, aka "PhoneBoy", the Voxilla Device Configuration Wizards now … [Read more...]

A Mini Fonality Furor

A column I wrote here caused a bit of a stir over the past few days. Here's a brief recap: Andy Abramson opined that Fonality, a Southern California-based developer of PBXes built on top of the open-source Asterisk PBX, is "better poised" to move Asterisk into the large enterprise world than Digium, the Alabama-based company that developed and maintains Asterisk. I wrote that it's hard to disagree with that assessment because Fonality does "an exceptional job of marketing" and I don't … [Read more...]