CommBytes 9/10/07

Today Fonality debuted the $999 trixbox® Pro Asterisk-in-a-box appliance for SMBs. The new offering will let resellers install customers systems faster by eliminating the need to install software on a separate server, according to Fonality CEO Chris Lyman.  FierceVoIP has a matched set of interviews with ooma founder Andrew Frame and PhoneGnome founder David Beckmeyer, contrasting the two devices. I say feature, you say drawback… Last week Vyke launched a re-engineered … [Read more...]

A Big Never-Mind From Palm

Remember Palm? You know, the guys who made "Palm Pilot" synonymous with "handheld." They haven't been trendsetters for a while, but some of us who are still fans were very hopeful with the ballyhooed preview of the Palm Foleo ultra-mobile more-than-a-phone-less-than-a-PC device. It turns out they should have called it the Folie. Today Palm aborted the Foleo without ever shipping one. Which may prove that the Internet appliance and Tablet computing segments remain elusive. According Palm … [Read more...]

Palm Foleo Does More by Doing Less

My first thought when I read Palm's press release today about its new Foleo Mobile Companion was: Damn, for less than what I've spent in the past year to keep my five year-old iBook running, I could have had a Foleo. My regret isn't because the Foleo does more. On the contrary. It's because it does less. Like V-8, Foleo delivers your daily requirements — email, Web browsing, contacts, and document editing — on a 2.5 pound device (half the heft of the previously-noted iBook) with a … [Read more...]

Syncing Up on the Mac

I'm a Mac user and a Palm Treo user. I love both of these devices. But an ongoing frustration has been the inability of these devices to sync up properly together. I work around the problem simply by not using the calendar on my Mac. So I was pretty excited today when I read about New York-based Transmedia's Glide Sync and Glide Mobile services for Mac. The free service supports about 30 cell phones — including my Treo 650. It automatically synchs photos, music, videos, documents, … [Read more...]