Getting unified

Unified communications just got more interesting today. Mill Valley, CA-based CommuniGate today launched the Pronto! client interface, based on Adobe Flash and Adobe Flex 2. Targeting both businesses and service providers, Pronto! unifies all Internet communications — from e-mail and IM, to chat, rich media, and groupware — in a single client interface. Later today I'm going to get a demo. More to follow. VoIP pioneer Packet8 is also getting on the unified communications train, … [Read more...]

Daily CommBytes

SMBs give Packet8's Virtual Office hosted PBX #1 rating, according to telecom research firm AMI Partners. More. Does Microsoft's partner-friendly unified communications mean the leopard has changed his spots? Not so says TelecomTV's Andrew Beutmueller. Here. We've been hearing about broadband over powerline. How about power over broadband? Power over Ethernet would solve the problem of finding enough outlets for all those Internet-connected gizmos. Here. … [Read more...]

Is Vonage on the Prowl?

Vonage stock is anchored at all time lows, about a third of the IPO price, and there's no absence of speculation about the consumer VoIP pioneer's future. Today, David Shabelman's piece, "Clock Ticks for Internet Provider Vonage," — thanks to reader Larry Lisser who alerted me to this — speculates that Vonage may be looking to grow by aquisition. Some of the targets are consumer VoIP competitors like SunRocket and Packet8. Personally, I can't imagine a worse marriage-made-in-hell … [Read more...]

When will VoIP start batting 1.000?

You can instant video conference... You can file your voicemail on your e-mail... You can take calls while you lie on the beach in Bermuda sipping a pink umbrella drink... There’s just no limit to the rosy picture promoted by VoIP boosters. But what seems to get overlooked in the VoIP conversation is what people really want to do with it — I mean, other people, people who aren’t industry boosters. They just wanna make calls. Remember phone calls? Like "one ringy-dingy?" I … [Read more...]