Voice Gets Embedded

Since the dawn of VoIP, evangelists have been telling us that it's not the cheap phone calls that make VoIP so compelling, it's the opportunity to do so much more with voice communications.  But let's face it, beyond sending voicemail to email, VoIP still doesn't do much more than make phone calls. Voice communications are still pretty standalone for the vast majority of us. However, developers are starting to take note of voice as an IT "service."  This year's AjaxWorld West is … [Read more...]

Packet8 Takes a Lead

Packet8 has inked a deal to be the preferred replacement for SunRocket subscribers left high and dry when SunRocket abruptly shuttered its business operations this week. The deal was signed, according to the press release, with "with an organization managing the wind down of SunRocket, Inc" — presumably Sherwood Partners LLC, the company named in other news stories about the defunct VoIP provider. SunRocket subscribers can port their numbners to Packet8's $24.99/month unlimited calling with … [Read more...]

Packet8, Others, Picking up the SunRocket Pieces

SunRocket RIP

SunRocket generates more interest dead than alive. The VoIP pure-play's skulking exit has garnered attention from MSNBC, the International Herald Tribune, The New York Times and the Washington Post, just to name a few. Other VoIP companies are wasting no time offering special packages to stranded SunRocket subscribers. Vonage is offering two months free service. Nuvio today announced a special $199.99 plan for former SunRocket customers. As I wrote yesterday, VoicePulse has been quietly … [Read more...]

CommBytes 7/30/07

A new partnership with services company CSI, Inc. will enable VoIP provider Packet8 to offer customers of its Virtual Office hosted PBX on-site installation, configuration and tech support services.  Last week Polycom launched the new HDX 4000 Series desktop video conferencing system. With the footprint of a flat panel monitor, will the device make video conferencing finally take off?  Infonetics Research's latest report says that smartphone sales are growing rapidly, while WiFi … [Read more...]