Is Skype a Bad Network Neighbor?

Maybe the Ebay/Skype personnel shuffle -- Skype's "nightmare before Christmas" as Om Malik called it -- has to do with other people's nightmares about what Skype might be doing to their networks. While the controversy about Skype on academic networks has made the mainstream media in recent months, there's also been a controversy brewing -- mostly surfacing in the business press -- about Skype use on business networks. Back in 2005, Gartner Group was warning against Skype. And last May the … [Read more...]

Irony Behind the Google Click-to-Call Hoax

Loren Baker, the editor of the respected Search Engine Journal, is convinced the short-lived item on the official Google blog that purported to announce the cancellation of the Google-eBay "click-to-call" partnership is a hoax. We're very much inclined to agree. Baker writes that "such a message would not come from Google blasting eBay, nor would it be full of misspellings, unsigned or end with the 'This message has been translated using Google language tools' line." The item in … [Read more...]