Using the Nokia E-Series Phones with Asterisk

The mobile phone giant's newest hybrid phones usher in a brave new era of cell/VoIP connectivity. Getting them working, though, is no trivial matter. In this Voxilla How-To, we show you how to easily pair up Nokia's new fusion phones (the E60, E61 and E70) with a basic Asterisk PBX server and take full advantage of the best of both telephony worlds. … [Read more...]

Mobile VoIP Made Simple

Truphone company founder Ed Guy is one of his company's best customers. "I'm a multiple device person. My cell phone doesn't work in my house. So when I'd only need one device I'd have to carry two." Now he only carries one, thanks to UK-based Truphone's long-awaited "mobile VoIP" for the Nokia N80, which was launched today. Currently the service is only available for Cingular and T-Mobile customers because Nokia doesn't deliver WiFi-enabled phones for the other services. Truphone's … [Read more...]