IPTV keeps growing, video conversations, new twist on satellite IP, and personal broadband

European peer-to-peer IPTV network Babelgum launched its public beta. The angle here is full-screen, broadcast quality, personalized TV. TechDigest offers a hands-on review. Bottom line, right now the offerings are minor league. Nokia is investing in Web video sharing site kyte.tv, joining Swisscom, German media company Verlagsgruppe Georg von Holzbrinck and Skype founder Niklas Zennström's investment company Atomico Investment Holdings. The number of websites offering video jumped this … [Read more...]

Samsung debuts enterprise networking

Samsung is making a push into the U.S. enterprise networking market with its Ubigate iBG 2016 and iBG 3026 converged networking platforms. Introduced in Europe and Asia last year, the alone-in-one devices are aimed at small and mid-size companies and branch offices of large ones. The Ubigate looks like a competitor to the Cisco 1800 series. Nokia debuted the Intellisync Call Connect for Cisco, a dual-mode device designed for the reality that most of us aren't at our desks 40 percent of the … [Read more...]

Nokia and Mobile Nirvana

Nokia Mobile Nirvana

There is no such thing as the perfect mobile phone -- and there probably never will be for two reasons. First, as in all else, what is right for one may not be -- and in the cell phone world, probably isn't -- right for another. Second, trying to balance functionality and portability necessitates ideal-busting compromise on the part of mobile phone manufacturers. I'll list my off-the-cufff requirements for the cell phone I want to carry permanently, and you'll see both these limiting reasons … [Read more...]

VoIPing Away on My Cell

Martin Dindos has just filed a comprehensive "How-To" on connecting the new Nokia E-series phones (at least those with Wi-Fi capability) to Asterisk. Before publishing it, I had a chance to follow Martin's step-by-step instructions (I did edit the Asterisk files directly as our installation pre-dates the release of the whizzy-wigged Trixbox by a few years). My verdict: Pairing the new Nokia "fusion" phones (the E61 in my case, this will not work with the brain-dead Wi-Fi-less imitation E62 … [Read more...]