Connecting mobile phones to the PBX, IBM and Nortel pair up for VoIP, and Babar?

Santa Monica-based WiFiMobile today debuted its Enterprise Solution, which marries selected Nokia phones with any SIP-compliant PBX. The software lets you use a mobile phones as a PBX extension and access the company’s WLAN for both data and telephony. More in the press release. Right now the software can be downloaded for free. OceanLake Commerce's memo mobile email service is now available in the US to Alltel, AT&T (Formerly Cingular), Sprint/Nextel, and Verizon Wireless customers. … [Read more...]

Look, Officer, No Hands

Voice-on-the-Go is endangering a species: that galvanizing stock figure of our times, the driver yakking on the cell phone. You’ve seen him, you may even be her. If so, Voice-On-The-Go wants to render you extinct. The first time I waited behind a car with an AM I LATE vanity plate, watching its power-suited driver cradle her cell to her ear in the now familiar gesture, was also my first and only road rage incident. The second the light turned green, I goosed my horn, an act of automotive … [Read more...]

PhoneGnome Your Way

Televolution's PhoneGnome has come a long way since it was introduced nearly two years ago. Now company founder David Beckmeyer is aiming to be the "eBay for voice applications" by opening the platform to developers through Web Services APIs and distribution through the PhoneGnome website. Think of it as a voice application bazaar. "People keep saying they want to build these Web 2.0 applications," says Beckmeyer. "Now they have the platform. Developers can get feedback from hundreds of … [Read more...]

Getting unified

Unified communications just got more interesting today. Mill Valley, CA-based CommuniGate today launched the Pronto! client interface, based on Adobe Flash and Adobe Flex 2. Targeting both businesses and service providers, Pronto! unifies all Internet communications — from e-mail and IM, to chat, rich media, and groupware — in a single client interface. Later today I'm going to get a demo. More to follow. VoIP pioneer Packet8 is also getting on the unified communications train, … [Read more...]