Comm Bytes 7/7/07

Software-as-a-service company Skyytek apparently isn't listening to Gartner's nay saying about corporate iPhone use. The company is adopting the iPhone for its mobile employees and is testing it with its on-demand ERP/CRM system, NetSuite. What's also interesting here is ERP as a mobile phone app. Read Skyytec's evaluation here. Another company bringing business apps to the phone is Swedish software company HansaWorld. New offerings for the UK market for PDAs and Nokia business phones include … [Read more...]

Mobile VoIP, Vyke, Truphone, Fonbucks vs. Starbucks and piggybacking

Global businesses have big plans for mobile handsets. That's according to UK research firm Coleman Parkes Research. Seven out of 10 expect to be using mobile VoIP within two years and many are already a variety of business applications. But with the new flexibility comes a whole new dimension of security and management challenges. Robert Jacques at has the story. But while businesses see huge benefits to mobile VoIP, mobile carriers have been circling the wagons, blocking mobile … [Read more...]

Mobile Computing Without the Computer

Now that the cell phone is your fifth most reliable appendage — Viagra notwithstanding — you naturally want to be able to access and do everything else with it, like contact and deploy your weightier less-portable electronic footprint. Transmedia is in the ring for you with GlideMobile — its new information management system that’s designed to let you reach and use every file on your PC, Mac and Linux computers, personal and professional. It also seeks to remove the need … [Read more...]

iPhone features for Blackberry and Windows Mobile, T-mobile dual-mode service…

As might be expected, even before the Apple iPhone hits retailer shelves, its sexy features are showing up on other handsets. Like visual voicemail. German company SimulScribe just announced a "downloadable visual voicemail application" — SimulSays Beta — for the BlackBerry 8800 series, BlackBerry Pearl, BlackBerry Curve and Windows Mobile. The service normally starts at $10 a month, but the beta is free. However, in its rush to get the news out, SimulScribe appears to have forgotten to put … [Read more...]