Fonality is Fine, but Worrisome

I won't dispute my friend Andy Abramson's assertion, later echoed by the knowledgeable Ted Wallingford, that Southern California Asterisk front-end reseller Fonality is better poised to bring the open-source PBX into the large enterprise space than even Digium, the company behind Asterisk. I won't because I long ago gave up playing Swami in the unpredictable world of IP communications and because I can see that Fonality has done an exceptional job of marketing its product, its company and its … [Read more...]

TalkPlus Is Not Just For Dating

TalkPlus believes its just-announced patent-pending plans to centralize voice services on the cell phone addresses many needs: privacy, mobility, accessibility and even "safe" dating. Yes, it's hard to market many of the new products in the so-called "Voice 2.0" space because they don't easily lend themselves to pithy press release descriptions (nor, as this story certainly attests to, concise journalistic presentation). So the San Mateo, CA.-based Talk Plus is launching the service and … [Read more...]

A PBX in Every Home

There's probably little data tracking this, but the PBX is no longer limited to the business setting. It's a safe bet to say that many of the thousands of installations of the popular open source Linux-based Asterisk PBX) and off-shoots such as TrixBox, FreePBX and others, are chugging away in private homes helping to create a fledgling internet phone connectivity system that is poised to give pricey international carriers the fits. The home PBX is not yet simple enough for the casual … [Read more...]

Irony Behind the Google Click-to-Call Hoax

Loren Baker, the editor of the respected Search Engine Journal, is convinced the short-lived item on the official Google blog that purported to announce the cancellation of the Google-eBay "click-to-call" partnership is a hoax. We're very much inclined to agree. Baker writes that "such a message would not come from Google blasting eBay, nor would it be full of misspellings, unsigned or end with the 'This message has been translated using Google language tools' line." The item in … [Read more...]