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So now VoIP Girl has roped me into the Blog Tag game. Here are my little-known facts: I have a degree in Music. Sometimes I still play the piano, but mostly I sing these days. I belong to a choir dedicated to Gregorian Chant, Renaissance Polyphony and Latin liturgy. I love shoes and the color red. And especially the two together. I used to work in product marketing for an ERP software company where I was a maven of manufacturing. I volunteered to edit the customer magazine because it … [Read more...]

Pulver and the New America

Jeff Pulver, the closest thing VoIP has to a founding father, took a good long look at the US election results from Tuesday and concluded that, on balance, the country's political change of course is potentially good news for internet and communications innovators. Pulver's optimism is qualified, though, in that he does not expect Democrats, the party which, today, officially gained control of both houses when Congress reconvenes in January, "will be any less paternalistic than their … [Read more...]

NextAlarm Offers Free IP Alarm Service

NextAlarm, the innovative home and office alarm company that works over the internet and is popular among many VoIP users, is changing the way the security industry works. The company today began offering free alarm monitoring to anyone in the US and Canada who signs up. The catch? When an alarm event is triggered, the customer is notified only by email, and it's up to the customer to decide whether to call police or fire authorities. According to Alex Elliot, NextAlarm CEO, the company will … [Read more...]

Vilifying Voxilla’s Hometown

Enough already with the unwarranted attacks on Voxilla's hometown. They are coming by way of desperate politicians and their media mouthpieces who have settled on the vilifying phrase "San Francisco values" to instill ill-founded fear among voters in the redder parts of the US. Their argument is obtuse and moronic. In campaign ads, political fundraising pitches, in the words of some newspaper editorials and out of the mouth of mean-spirited gas bags like Bill O'Reilly and Rush Limbaugh, … [Read more...]