The Comeback Kid

This has been a tough year at Voxilla. We are not a large company, so everyone here has to wear a number of hats in order to make it all work. Because 2005 was a year of explosive growth for us, we realized in the middle of the 1st quarter this year all of the systems and much of the architecture we had in place needed to be revamped, replaced, and in a few cases jettisoned entirely if we were to meet the sales and growth goals we set for ourselves. As a result, we've all been busy behind the … [Read more...]

Poking The Skunk

Seems our Director of Engineering may have ignighted a bit of a dust-up with his VON wrap post, wherein he gave his honest opinion about the IP Communications Industry confab held in Boston from September 12 - 14. Today, a full two weeks after the fact, I've got people in my ear and in my face pointing out how Tom Keating over at TMC and Garrett Smith at VoIPSupply picked up on Eric's post and used it to get a little conversation going about the health and direction of the IP … [Read more...]

The Magic Of IP Communications

If there is one thing the schlep to Boston proves, it's the versatiltiy of IP communication technology. Voxilla is a small company and because we recognize the value of presence at our industry's premier confab, we've got every one of our key players outside the shipping and fulfillment department here, thousands of miles away from home base. While it might be nice to spend our time here schmoozing and socializing, cementing relationships with people and companies we only ever have a … [Read more...]

Heading East

I tossed a huge pile of paper into the big blue recycling bin on my way out of the office Friday, a housekeeping move designed in part to actually clear away the non-essential detritus of a life in commerce, and at the same time, create room for more. We're decamping over the weekend to Boston for the Fall VON Conference, which begins on Tuesday. Martha, Eric, and I head out Sunday, to be joined by Amin and Marcelo on Monday evening. Next week our East Coast peeps could see better response … [Read more...]