5 Great Communications Innovations – 2008 Edition


In 2008 communications went truly mobile and truly global, extending a trend that's been building for several years, to be sure - but in the great tradition of year-end list making, I'm making the call on 5 innovations that pushed the boundaries, set the bar and served to point the way toward the future of how people will stay in touch tomorrow. 1. iPhone 3G Some might say the Apple smartphone was a 2007 innovation, but the 2nd iteration supporting the 3G network protocol rocked the mobile … [Read more...]

Blog Tag

So now VoIP Girl has roped me into the Blog Tag game. Here are my little-known facts: I have a degree in Music. Sometimes I still play the piano, but mostly I sing these days. I belong to a choir dedicated to Gregorian Chant, Renaissance Polyphony and Latin liturgy. I love shoes and the color red. And especially the two together. I used to work in product marketing for an ERP software company where I was a maven of manufacturing. I volunteered to edit the customer magazine because it … [Read more...]

PhoneGnome 2.0 Debuts

PhoneGnome 2.0

If there's anyone doing a better job of making it easier or cheaper to use IP telephony than the folks at Televolution, I'd like to meet them. The PhoneGnome came on the scene last year as the brainchild of David Beckemeyer, who cut his IP teeth co-founding Earthlink. The PhoneGnome promised free point-to-point calling between anyone with a PhoneGnome unit (actually a pre-configured Sipura SPA3000 ATA), and offered a number of ITSP choices for reduced rate long distance calling. By … [Read more...]

Where Do We Go Now?

I've been feeling guilty for having little to get on my Soap Vox about of late. The truth is we've been engaged in deep discussions internally regarding the focus and future direction of our efforts here at Voxilla, something probably encouraged in equal measure by the revamping of the news site and forum, together with what we perceive as possible tectonic shifts in the marketplace for IP communications. To those ends, I'd like to reach out to Voxilla's membership and readerbase to … [Read more...]